I guess when you lose your home ...


I guess when your company lays off 1,300+ people ...


When you have to hide your car from the repo man ...


I guess when you have to use your credit cards to

buy your family groceries and pay interest on food

that you ate 2 months ago ...


But you know what ...

That's what happens when people get scared.

They start shutting their mouths and start listening to

people who actually know what the hell their talking


When you're on the brink of bankruptcy, you can't be

too picky and you'll open your ears and start listening

to things that before you thought you were too good

to take a look at.

So many people are losing their jobs, homes, cars, income,

RESPECT, DIGNITY and everything else that they are now

looking for serious alternatives!

When the SHIT hits the fan, people are suddenly very open-minded 
to alternative ways to stop the bleeding!

If you didn’t build a cushion to prepare, then more than likely, 
it’s hard for your bank account to keep up with the current state 
of the economy …

If You’re Still Waiting For An “Official Statement” 
From Those In Power, Stating That The Economy Is In A Recession …
Wake Up, Because The Slaughter Is Already Here!
61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck – 
including 36% of those earning $200k or more, annually.

The FED just raised interest rates – AGAIN – for the 7th time.

In June 2022, U.S. Inflation reached 9.1% – it’s highest rate in nearly 
41 years and it’s evaporating wealth.

Basically, if you have $25,000 in savings, the purchasing power of that 
$25k is now about half that! (ouch!!)

Stock values have plunged 50 to 80%.

Home values are declining – it’s the fastest falling housing 
market since 2011.

Big tech companies are laying off thousands of people (120,000+ so far).

Credit card debt is at a record $930 billion.

Cryptocurrency values are tanking ($2 trillion dollar market loss) 
and one of the largest crypto exchanges, valued at $32 billion dollars, 
just went flat broke and filed for bankruptcy, while other exchanges 
connected to the failed platform are now halting withdrawals — 
(what do you think that means?)

The BIG S-q-u-e-e-z-e is ON !!!

The World Is Falling Apart And You Need To Act Accordingly!
Those who aren’t prepared will begin desperation selling of anything 
they don’t really need, plus getting rid of everything they can, that’s 
connected to a monthly recurring fee.

The next several months will be devastating for most, but those 
with ample cash reserves will benefit, because CASH IS KING!

Right now, your number one goal should be to accumulate as much 
cash as you possibly can, because you know what hasn’t tanked, 
while everything else seems to be burning … the U.S. dollar!

The U.S. dollar has stayed strong and even rose in value while other 
currency values have fallen.

And why is that information especially important to you …

Because when a Recession comes, the number one thing in demand is CASH!

And Recessions can actually be good.

But only for those who are ready to take advantage of all the opportunities 
created by the unprepared and those who panic.

See …

Recessions are great for people who have handled their money well, 
because while everyone else is in panic mode and selling things off …

People with money come and scoop it all up for pennies on the dollar and 
then hold onto it until the market returns.

They’re liquid and have enough cash to hold on to these things while the 
economy is in turmoil – then when the market returns, which could be in a 
few years or more … OOOH BUDDY!

Values go sky high and they make a killing!

Also, having lots of cash allows you to sleep well and ride out a Recession, 
especially if you happen to lose your job or your business income declines – 
you’re insulated and Recession Proof!

If your money is handled right, you’ll love a Recession. Its a time to make 
bold moves. There’s lots of great opportunities in a recession for those who 
are liquid.


How Liquid Are YOU?

Are You In Any Way Prepared To Ride Out This Recession?
Seriously …

Can your bank account continue to withstand the current 
skyrocketing inflation?

Are you still in the same place financially that you were 2+ years ago, 
or even worse?

If your answers are in the negative …

If your 2022 was financially depressing and 2023 is showing no signs 
of getting better …

To put it plainly …

You need a Big Fucking Win – Right Now …